iron steel - tommy redd[Welcome to the third entry of our exclusive blog series from the new thrash supergroup Iron Steel, featuring Morgan Rose (Sevendust) on drums; Jim LaMarca (Chimaira), Dave Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) and Rachel Bolan (Skid Row) all on bass; along with vocalist and guitarist Fran Strine and guitarist Tommy Redd. Each week a different member will be posting a blog entry at MetalSucks. This week guitarist Tommy Redd sounds off on run-ins with Afghani rebels on the band’s recent tour through Asia. (Check out Fran Strine’s and Jim LaMarca’s previous entries.]

OK, so I am late! I’ve been busy keeping the world safe. I’d give you details about my activities, but then I’d have to kill you and frankly, I’ve had enough of that kinda stuff lately.

The guys in the band complain about me being late for practice, trying to play a show over speakerphone from communist countries with bad phone service, disappearing for a month when we are supposed to go on tour and shit, but their concerns pale in comparison to those of my superiors at my ‘day job’ (yeah, let’s call it that).

I was really trying not to let anyone suspect I had an other-life, but when Iron Steel toured through Afghanistan, I had to take a band of heavily armed enemy forces using only my guitar strings and Fran walked up to me as I strangled the last rebel and took the bloody string to use on his guitar. Another time I had to use Morgan’s sticks to disembowel someone, he found the guts on them and made me explain (Morgan has torture down to a science – I’m jealous).

So now you know all you can about me without putting your life in danger. I am starting to think that these MetalSucks guys might know too much and may need to be ‘taken care of’. Uh, Vince… Can I talk to you in the back lounge of the deluxe Iron Steel tour bus? Pay no attention to that guitar slide in my hand…

-Tommy Redd, IRON STEEL

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