Thanks for waiting patiently for the results of the Funny Photo Caption Contest from two Thursdays ago: the following four MetalSucks Maniacs win a limited edition Scars on Broadway lithograph and a Scars on Broadway CD for coming up with a funny caption for the photo at right:

  • Joe: “Our shows are made possible with generous donations from Focus on the Family and the Republican Party.”
  • Eric: “Demon Hunter sure have changed since last tour.”
  • bmwtech: “Just another high school prom night in Norway”
  • Austin Millbarge: “…and my guidance counselor said I would never amount to anything.”

And the grand prize winner, who takes home not only a lithograph like the runners-up but a copy of the Scars on Broadway CD autographed by the whole band:

  • benbag: “No matter how hard he tried… the emo frontman still looked like a bitch in 1348… the 1349 covers band.”

This week we have an awesomely awesome prize package. The MetalSucks Mansion is moving next week (oy vey… I’m getting ojita just thinking about), and we literally have stacks upon stacks of CDs lying around that we need to get rid of — so we’re giving them all the way! Five lucky winners will get a ginormous prize package of 15-20 CDs, but here’s the catch; you don’t know what you’re getting. There are some real gems in there (promo copies of Muncipal Waste, Arson Anthem, Cavalera Conspiracy, Porcupine Tree, etc etc etc) but some duds too (Bobaflex or Hed P.E., anyone?) — so it’s a mixed bag, but you’re guaranteed to get some good shit. Just come up with a funny caption to the photo below [sent in by reader Ryan Durinick] and it’s all yours!

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