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goatwhore - carving out the eyes of godI’ve never particularly liked Goatwhore that much because…. well, I’m not really sure why. But let this be a lesson in why pre-conceived notions of a band should be left at the door, because the new Goatwhore track “Apocalyptic Havoc,” — now streaming on Metal Blade’s MySpace page — kicks all kind of ass. ALL kinds; badonkadonk, hairy, flat, skinny, you name it, the new Goatwhore track gets all up in there and rips it apart with the fury of diarrhea induced by a trip to a third world country. The riff that comprises the main section of the song is a fucking thrashy, southern, stoned-out steamroller of meaty guitar goodness. If the rest of the new album Carving Out The Eyes Of God (June 23) is like this track, consider me completely sold on Goatwhore. I’ll be sorry I ever uttered a negative word about these dudes.


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