Tour de Force



randygojiraWe may have gotten more e-mails about the announcement that Lamb of God and Gojira will be providing support for Metallica on their upcoming tour than, like, any other topics ever all combined. Apparently you guys and girls are excited about this news.

And I understand… in theory. I’ll be happy if Gojira and LOG are exposed to a wider audience, but beyond that, I still don’t especially care (I can’t speak for Vince or any other MetalSucks Mansion inhabitant, of course).

Here’s why this news doesn’t do much for me:

  • It doesn’t say anything about Metallica, who just take the trendiest available metal band of the moment out on the road with them. Trust me, if bands that sounded like Korn were still the hot thing, Metallica would be taking a band that sounds like Korn out with them.
  • Tickets are still going to cost a small fortune. There have been ample opportunities over the past few years to see both LOG and Gojira in a much more intimate live setting for much less money, and unless Wrath and The Way of All Flesh both go quadruple platinum sometime real soon, there will continue to be ample opportunities to see both LOG and Gojira in a much more intimate live setting for much less money.
  • Metallica are still going to sound ridiculous.

So, there you have it. I’m glad you’re all so very excited about whom ‘Tallica are taking out on the road. But I can’t say I share in your enthusiasm.


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