Lick My Label



According to Lambgoat, Paul Conroy and Carl Severson, “former partners at Ferret Music, Warner Music and ChannelZERO,” have now left Ferret to start their own music and sports management company as well as a new label, all under the banner Good Fight Entertainment. And if you’re thinking right now “I’m a music fan, what the fuck do I care about who runs which label and management company?”, well, here’s why I’m telling you: because one of Good Fight’s first two releases is going to be a new album from Son of Aurelius, who I first wrote about in January, and who are absolutely awesome.

Better news still: the album is not just a re-release of the band’s prior outing, Myocardial Infraction (super-duper awesome cover art above). Which means we’re getting more new SOA already. Which is fantastic news.

The new offering from Son of Aurelius, The Farthest Reaches, will be out on Good Fight on April 13, alongside the label’s other inaugural release, Cancer Bats’ Bears, Mayors, Scraps and Bones. Get excited.



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