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Seriously, I owe Cosmo Lee a beer.

Last year one of his columns at Invisible Oranges introduced me to the French black metal band, Celeste; their album, Misanthrope(s), was released on Denovali records, but was also made available as a free download, meaning you really had no excuse not to check these guys out. I fell really, really hard for the album; so much so that it ended up making my 2009 year-end list.

Now another Cosmo column has alerted me to the fact that the band as a new album, Morte(s) Nees(s) (which I think translates to Born Dead), and that, once again, the group and Denovali are giving it away for free. You can download it here; Misanthropes(s) is still available free of charge, too, so if you never checked that album out, well, here’s your chance.

I’m downloading Morte(s) Nees(s) even as I type this, so I can’t really comment yet with regards to how it stacks up against Misanthropes(s); but even if it’s only half as good, it will still be better than 99% of the shit that comes out in 2010. Go get it.


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