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I seemed to be the only person in the world who enjoyed Leng Tch’e’s last full-length, Marasmus. The complaint from most people seemed to be “it’s not grind-y enough,” which strikes me as complaining because the music is the aural equivalent of a splitting headache instead of a full-on migraine, but whatever. I thought it was pretty rockin’.

I also think that “Wirehead Imbeciles,” the new Leng Tch’e song streaming here, is good, so I’m sure everyone else will hate it. It’s really not grind at all, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still heavy. And it’s got a lil’ bitta groove to the mid-section, just a lil’ bitta bounce. It’s just kinda basic, meat n’ taters music to kill by. Nuthin’ wrong with that, right? It’s not gonna change the world or anything, but it’s fun. Remember fun?

Check out the song here. Leng Tch’e’s new album, Hypomaniac, comes out on Season of Mist on June 8 here in North America and May 24 elsewhere.


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