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I’ve listened to “Precursor to Enslavement,” the new Oceano song, three times already. And by “listened,” I mean “I’ve hit ‘play’ and then at some point started to think about a variety of other topics, ranging from salad spinners to the line at the post office to whatever the fuck that grime under my toe nail is.”

I just can’t seem to stick with this song. I know you may think I’m high, but I’m not — that might actually help me pay attention. And I don’t have ADD, at least not that I know of. I just… keep… drifting off.

It’s not even like I’m bored by the music, so much as I think my brain just can’t maintain interest in a song that sounds like every other fucking deathcore song ever written by this or any other band. These might be the definition of “Triple A riffs.” I mean, they MIGHT be. I can’t say for sure, ’cause like I said, I’m having a really hard time paying attention.

Wait, fuck was I writing about again? Oh, yeah. Oceano have a new song.

Listen here if you want. It comes off the group’s latest, Craptagion, which Earache will release on November 9.


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