Cradle of Filth’s new video has debuted on Fangoria. It’s for the song “Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned),” from their new album, Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa. Some random thoughts:

  • I didn’t realize before that Dani Filth’s new Daryl-Hannah-in-BladeRunner make-up had glitter in it. Between that and the snake dancer chick in the slinky sequined number, I’m ready to declare Cradle of Filth a glam band. (And Dani’s blue lipstick ain’t huring my argument, either.) I don’t care if Filth’s vocals sound like my Uncle Morty trying to reach the remote without getting out of his chair, or that he’s singing about religion; he’s singing about sex as a violation of religion, not how we’re all enslaved by Christianity or whatever. (I understand there’s a connection between the two — but, here at least, it’s specifically the sex part that interests Filth. In case the symbolism of the snake, the hovering over the chick’s bed, the Merchant-Ivory-esque longing glances through a confessional booth, the girl’s offering to give Dani “whatever will make you spend eternity with me,” and the fact that the band is performing in a giant vagina didn’t tip you off.) So this is really just a goth kid’s answer to “Talk Dirty to Me,” an allegedly rebellious, catchy pop metal song about fucking, designed for fucking.
  • I’d like to thank whomever makes these decisions for hiring Bryce Dallas Howard to do the female vocals, instead of whatever the fuck that is that’s doing them in the new Dimmu Borgir song.

Head over to Fangoria to check out the video. Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa comes out November 9.


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