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Revocation - Dave Davidson

As part of our sponsorship of The Legacy Tour, featuring Darkest Hour, Veil of Maya, Periphery and Revocation, one member from each band will be penning an exclusive blog entry for MetalSucks to run during the tour (get a full list of tour dates here). Our first entry featured Veil of Maya guitarist Marc Okubo taking us on a run-through of his entire live rig. Now here’s Revocation’s Dave Davidson with an update from the road:

Hey guys, Dave from Revocation here, checking in from the Darkest Hour Legacy tour.

It’s been a little over a week since we’ve been out and we’re currently in Cleveland getting ready to play at Peabody’s. So far the tour has been going great, all the bands are killing it every night and all the dudes are cool as fuck. Everyone’s been getting along really well right off the bat so we’re stoked that we still have three more weeks left to rage.

Here’s a quick recap of the shows so far. Worcester was the bomb as always, tons of stage dives and old buddys. The NYC show was killer and after the gig all the bands went out and raged into the wee hours of the morning. It was awesome to rip it with everyone this early on into the tour, as it definitely set the precedent for things to come. After a solid gig in Allentown we had a little trouble with the Canadian border crossing so we had to completely change course and enter through Vermont. Luckily our re-routing worked out and all the bands got into Canada without incident.

The three shows we played in Canada were sweet. The Montreal show was merged with the Acacia Strain/Red Chord tour; it was good to see fellow Massholes throwing down in Canada. Shout out to our boys in Beneath the Massacre who came out and partied with us and let us crash.

Detroit was a blast… Misha and I had a total shred session backstage and got to trade licks. It’s very inspiring to play with all of these musicians since everyone is so proficient and dedicated to their craft. After a bro down sesh with the Black Dahlia dudes we packed up and hit the road. Tonight we’re stoked to shred faces in Ohio and then rage Peabody’s into the ground in a blaze of alcohol fueled glory.  Hope this blog has been informative, stay tuned for updates from the other bands. Peace!

– Dave

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