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This weekly column from our brethren at Decibel — the only metal magazine still worth caring about — was supposed to run earlier today. But Axl fucked up and forgot to run it! A million apologies. Now here’s managing editor Andrew Bonazelli to school your ass.

You’re probably already on your way to spend six hours in your bedroom listening to Xasthur while your dad and uncle fart their way through the Lions and Cowboys games, so I’ll keep it brief. Top 40 time. Gobble gobble. No, I’m not reprinting the list, which has probably leaked already. Take it easy — or hard —on us. Just leave the wife-beater and half-sleeve at home.

Reminder/plug for something that can’t be fucked with: the January issue marks the premiere of our limited-edition monthly flexi series. Brutal Truth detonate two never-before-released tracks (lyrics appropriated from Sharp’s Grinding It Out column — just kidding). As with all future editions of the series, once these things are sold out, they’ll never be repressed. Not to mention, sweet Christ, that cover.

If that’s not enough to keep you occupied over the long weekend, you can make some “loved one”’s Friday much, much blacker with our exclusive Hall of Fame edition of Onward to Golgotha. To celebrate Incantation’s sick Chicago/NYC/Cleveland run, we’ve hooked up with Relapse to press 1,000 copies of the classic. The 180-gram special edition comes with an exclusive woven patch and album cover sticker. Boom, your shopping’s done. Little sis is pumped.

Have a stellar Thanksgiving, commenteriat. See you at Love and Other Drugs, or at least in the Parking Lot for Real Drugs.


You can order the January issue of Decibel here, but the only way to ensure that you never miss the mag’s sexcellent new monthly flexi disc series to get a full subscription. You’ll be thankful you did!!!

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