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I know that the guy from Atreyu isn’t really named Alex Fahrvergnügen, but I can never remember how you spell his actual name, and since he can’t be bothered to learn the proper spelling of one of the easiest words in the English language, I’m not sure why I should be expected to learn to spell his name right. I mean, it took me a long time to learn to spell Guy Kozowyk’s last name correctly without double-checking it on the interwebs, but there’s a major difference between Guy and Alex — Guy is talented.

Also, Guy has a band, whereas Alex, it would seem, no longer does.

The following statement from Mr. Fahrvergnügen was pieced together from Twitter:

“Hey all. u have asked, so here goes. atreyu is taking a long long break after 11 yrs of rocking. we arnt breaking up but…We arnt writing recording or touring for a while. Simply taking a break to recharge and focus on different parts of our lives. Much love. Thanks to everyone who has supported us and given us a reason to exist over the past 11yrs. We hope to see you again 1 day. Until next time. All of us have other projects we are excited about and urge you to check them out if you miss us too much.”

Now, right of the bat, some of you are thinking, “Aw, Axl, take it easy on the dude, you can only type 140 characters at a time on Twitter.” But the logic doesn’t follow to me, because he clearly didn’t write “arnt” in an effort to save a total of four characters — if that were the case, he would have written “riting” insteading of “writing,” he would have written the word “long” only once instead of twice in a row, etc., etc… right? I think the real problem is that the dude can’t text as well as some eleven year old girls I know.

But, oh right! The singer from Atreyu’s apparent literacy issue isn’t the real story here. Atreyu are the latest band to take an indefinite hiatus, which means Atreyu are now the latest band we no longer have to worry about.

Now, I don’t wanna blame the band’s decision on their meteoric descent from popularity, nor do I wanna blame that descent on a series of poor decisions and attempts to break into the mainstream that made many longtime fans feel left out in the cold, but I think that’s exactly what happened. And while it’s hard to believe that the world will now be deprived of this…

…I think that, somehow, if we all work together, we’ll find a way to survive. Tomorrow is another day!


[via Metal Underground]

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