The Webernets



Why anyone would get fired up over the title of an album that isn’t even out yet is beyond me — let alone a harmless title like Scurrilous… if it was called “All Niggers, Faggots, Kikes and Arabs Must Die” that’d be another issue — but MS reader Christian Kelley seems to be pretty bothered by the title of Protest the Hero’s forthcoming album nonetheless. Says Christian, “I absolutely LOVE Protest and all, but I really hate this album title.  So I had to make something to joke with it.” His version is above. While I appreciate his effort, I still think the amazing and intricate actual album art is 10,000x cooler.

Regarding the real album art, by the way, it turns out that my efforts to dissect the meaning of the crazy painting and its relation to the album itself were all for naught. A link at posted by reader Ton sheds some light on the situation: “If you’re still looking for an explanation behind both the title and the cover, we’ve learned that the cover is actually 60-year-old painting by bassist Arif Mirabdolbaghi’s grandfather Jafar Petgar.The painting’s title? Scurrilous.” D’oh! Still looking forward to this album in all sorts of ways.


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