We first gave you the heads up about Hesher, a new movie in which The Kid from Third Rock from the Sun plays a metalhead named — wait for it — Hesher, who helps a young kid get over the death of his mother (or something like that), back in January 2010. Obviously that was some time ago, but the flick played at SXSW last month, and now it’s finally getting a release, which means it finally has a trailer.

And the first half of that trailer is cut to Metallica’s “Battery.”

Now, I have no idea if this movie is gonna be good or what. Classic Metallica somehow makes everything seem more enticing. The second part of the trailer is all touchy-feely, and the movie immediately begins to look 110% less good as soon as “Battery” cuts out. And the moral of the story is, just set your trailer to awesome Metallica music and then shut the fuck up and watch the ticket sales skyrocket.

(Apparently there’s some Metallica music in the actual movie, too, although that fact alone is obviously not reason to see it.)

Click on the screen cap below to watch the preview. Yes, it would appear that Dude Who Ran On the Walls in Inception springboards off of a trampoline on fire and does  a flip into his pool. Yes, that is awesome, too.


[via C.H.U.D.]

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