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Nnnnnnooooo, I’m just kidding, of course. They did, however, write a song called “Nevermore,” which is now streaming at The Deciblog.

I’m dying to hear what you folks think, too. Season of Mist sent out a digital promo of the new Morbid Angel album, llud Divinum Insanus, last week, and while it was kinda hard to listen to given that the label inserted the sounds of an old telephone ringing every however many seconds (this is meant to prevent piracy, but I think it mostly prevents music writers from doing their jobs), I can tell you that, generally speaking, I was not bowled over. Maybe that’s because anticipation for this record has been so high that it could never live up to expectations; maybe it’s ’cause it’s already been such a strong year for death metal that, positioned amongst albums like Hate Eternal’s Phoenix Amongst the Ashes and The Black Dahlia Murder’s Ritual, Ilud was always going to pale in comparison; or maybe it’s just ’cause it’s been sixteen years since Domination, and shit happens. I’ll have to listen more when I have the ring-less version to really articulate why the album just wasn’t gelling for me.

In any case, headbang here, then sound off in the comments section below. Illud Divinum Insanus, comes out June 7 on Season of Mist.


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