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photo by Kathleen Weishaar

Yes, it is indeed time for another edition of “Readers’ Choice Randoms,” in which I attempt to clear some space in my inbox by listening to a few random bands suggested by you, our beloved and most valued readers. So take my hand and join me on this fantastic adventure, won’t you?

First up today we have Thanitfaxath. John WD, who recommended the band to us, calls them “what Liturgy strives to be,” but other than the fact that both bands play black metal, I don’t really see much connection. I am digging this Thanitfaxath track, though… it’s definitely some rocking shit, and the band gets just weird enough not to feel like another paint-by-numbers BM band. (Heh heh, he said “BM.”)

Next up is End of Level Boss, who were suggested by Lee Mezcallo. I’ve definitely heard of this band before — heck, our own Corey Mitchell just mentioned them recently — but I think I’ve always avoided them up ’til now, ’cause, well, their silly name suggested that they were gonna be pure schtick. But they’re not, like, at all. This is some pretty solid hard rock right here. I mean, at first I was like, “This need a stronger hook,” but then the riff from the chorus got stuck in my head, so I guess EOLB showed me.

And we conclude today with Johnny Booth, who were sent in by reader Rick Heil. Rick calls them “progressive hardcore,” although I don’t really know what’s progressive about the band’s music, even in terms of hardcore… then again, I’m no Gary Suarez, soooo… yeah.

ANYWAY, the band’s music is okay, but it’s not really my cup of tea. I don’t have anything especially mean to say about this band, though. Give ’em a listen and make up your own mind.

Wow, we got through three whole bands without me wanting to kill myself even once! IT’S A LATE-SUMMER MIRACLE!!!


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