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Lotsa new music today! Unfortunately neither East of the Wall or Cormorant are playing The Metal Suckfest like two of the bands with new music we featured earlier today, but in a perfect world we’d have both bands playing 2-hour long sets on both days. And so:

First up is a new track from East of the Wall’s forthcoming record The Apologist, out October 25th via Translation Loss. This is one of those albums that’s a grower; sure, it’s impressive as hell on first listen, but the more you become familiar with each song the more you start to hear the intricacies within and the better understanding you have of what’s really going on structurally. NPR is streaming “False Build,” which is one of my favorite tracks from The Apologist. As is par for the course for this band, it’s chock full o’ artfully bludgeoning riffs, progressive mind-fuckery that isn’t too self-aware, and bass and guitar atmospherics that take you for a ride into another dimension. Don’t forget we’re streaming “Whiskey Sipper” right here on MetalSucks. The Apologist is available for pre-order now on both vinyl and CD (with slightly different cover artwork… so get both!!).

Cormorant are streaming a new track called “The Purest Land” over at Pitchfork. It’s a good track, and it’s definitely different than “Junta,” which premiered a couple of weeks back on NPR. But I can’t say it tickles my balls quite as much as “Junta” or the band’s prior album Metazoa did, or as the above East of the Wall track does. It’s almost as if these two tracks were written by completely different bands; don’t get me wrong though, I like the song and I think you will too. Dwellings come out on December 6th and can be pre-ordered here, but you don’t have to wait until then to own Cormorant music if you don’t already: as a special treat for fans, 2009’s Metazoa and 2007’s The Last Tree EP are now available for free download from Cormorant’s Bandcamp page.


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