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3 - the ghost you gave to me

Didja here? Just Monday we announced that Woodstock, NY progsters 3 were added to the lineup of The Metal Suckfest, playing the same night as Cynic, Obscura, The Red Chord, A Life Once Lost and a bunch of other bands. Call it smart planning, or more likely just serendipity; today sees the release of 3’s brand new album The Ghost You Gave To Me via Metal Blade, which you can now stream in full at AOL Music.

3’s Metal Blade recording debut (and fourth album overall), The End is Begun — released in 2007 — was a stunning prog metal masterpiece that stayed in my rotation for months, nay, years. Revisions, a collection of re-worked old songs, followed in 2009; I don’t wish to speak badly of 3, but I think there’s a reason those songs never saw the light of day the first time around, and I know I’m not the only fan who felt disappointed. But I’m happy to report that 3’s latest work finds the band picking up where they left off with The End is Begun; intricate songs that aren’t overblown with lush arrangements punctuated by acoustic flairs and memorable vocal melodies.

3 were the opening act of the first ever “Progressive Nation” tour in 2008, playing before the so-good-it’s-hard-to-believe-it-happened lineup of Between the Buried and Me, Opeth and Dream Theater. Hundreds of fans showed up early to see 3 — me and Axl among them — and their set was one of the highlights of a night that included lots of them. What I’m saying is this: we’re incredibly stoked to have these guys playing The Metal Suckfest! Get tickets here.


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