Far be it from me to hate on anyone’s taste in music – to each their own. I’m sure if one were to wrassle my iPod from my (cold, dead) hands they’d find a number of artists and/or songs suitably mock-worthy. I earnestly try to give all (eh… most) genres a try, especially in the metal and hardcore realms. You never know, something could surprise you! In a way, Carnifex’s newest, Until I Feel Nothing, did just that – I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would.

Until I Feel Nothing is certainly not the worst release that’s come out this year, and… that’s one thing I have to say about it. Overall, the musicianship is actually fairly cohesive. No kidding – the combative drumming is actually quite vigorous and commendable throughout. Aside from that, and the consistency of the string-work and vocals, this album is fairly sophomoric. Frankly, there’s just not much too it; there is no part of this album that really sticks out at all.  Actually, no, there is one thing – a song entitled “Dead But Dreaming.” Hey, dude-cakes, ever hear of Watain? No? Of course not. Every once in a while, that shit grinds my gears. This is one such instance. It was a pretty fucking widespread release and it wasn’t all that long ago!! Ugh.

But I digress…

Minor tiffs and gratuitous deathcore mediocrity aside – this album isn’t the worst. In fact, it’s kinda decent if you’re into this kind of thing. Consistency and proficiency; I have no qualms about relaying those truths about Until I Feel Nothing. I will say this: musically, this band (potentially) has it in them to make something more of themselves. I’m actually kind of interested now, if they take head of such advice being doled out, what they could do with this band going forward. No sense in grasping at vapors of the future, though. For now they’re a mediocre deathcore band – and for them, and many thousands of fans, that seems to be quite enough.

(2 1/2 out of 5 horns)


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