Everyone's Replaceable



Yeah I really don’t have any information that isn’t in my headline. Ex-Chimaira guitarist Matt DeVries joined his also-former-Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold in Six Feet Under less than a year ago as the band’s new bassist. He did a few tours with them (including the 2011 edition of Summer Slaughter — pic above), and may or may not have laid down bass tracks for the band’s upcoming, still-to-be-titled new album… and now Lambgoat tells me DeVries “has decided to depart the brutality laden death metal act to pursue other musical endeavors.” There’s no word yet on what those other musical endeavors might be, or who is going to replace DeVries in SFU.

So, this isn’t the end of the world or anything — word around the campfire is that the new Six Feet Under album restores glory to the band’s name, and that DeVries didn’t write any of it, so finding someone to fill his shoes shouldn’t be that hard. I did enjoy seeing DeVries on-stage with Arnold and their other former Chimaira bandmate, Kevin Talley, who is now playing drums for SFU. But from a creative standpoint, this is not going to slow Six Feet Under down.

So, uh… anyone know what Jim LaMarca is up to these days?


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