Green Eggs and Slam



The old days were the best, am I right?? I try to listen to some of these new bands, but nothing is as good as when music was REAL!! I’ll never forget Cleveland in the late 90s, going to all those shows at Peabody’s where there were 9 local nu-metal bands on the bill who played for an hour each and you could only tell them apart by their crappy, stale gimmick like matching blue hair or a girl bassist with a c-section scar. Everything felt so alive!!! If you miss those times as much as I do, you are going to love this video! It’s like you are right there, standing next to the men’s room for an hour while the 7th band tries to get their neon strobe lights to work!!

IMO these guys probably could have played as high as 5th or 6th on one of these bills because they have my favorite gimmick, the ‘crazy singer who is about to snap’! He’s all “I have a lot of facial piercings, my hair is weird and I am wearing makeup!! Would a sane person do that?! NO!! So you should stay the f*** away from me because I am crazy and unpredictable!” (sorry I only used f*** because I think he would if he was actually talking) The way he goes from one way of singing to another all the time also makes him sound like he’s crazy but I’ll be honest I think it’s kind of cool!! Like he will be whispering some kind of phrase thats probably really messed up, and then all of a sudden he will start screaming, then just when you are like “oh ok he’s screaming now I’m used to this” he will switch to singing! I feel like that is how a person who is mentally ill would sing.

Also, does anyone know how to contact them because I think there is something wrong their U-Tube page. For one, the audio is all messed up. It sounds like they are not playing the same song or all of their instruments were malfunctioning when they recorded it, kind of like if they made one of those St Sanderson videos of Coal Chamber. They should fix that or people will get the wrong idea about their music. Also, it looks like a hacker may have changed the text because it says the name of the band is CHAMBER OF PUDD which obviously makes no sense and should not be the name of a band. I will ask my buddy who works with computers a lot if he thinks that Anonymous did this and let you know what he says. He will probably tell them to replace their CD-ROMs or at least put another RAM in the parallel port just to make sure they cannot get hacked again, but that is just my guess, don’t do anything until he gets back to me.

-Sergeant D.

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