Courtney Love’s birthday isn’t until July, but that didn’t stop her from posting her Amazon wish list on Twitter yesterday. It comes complete with a (hidden) New York City address to which items can be shipped. In other words, fans who will follow her on Twitter and feel like they just have too much money can now buy her items “for around le loft,” as she says.

Some of these items include a $21,000 crystal chandelier, a $530 area rug, and a $270 bottle of perfume. Of course, some of the things Courtney wants are more affordably priced, like a five dollar book called How to be Absolutely Irresistible: Make Friends, Attract Romance and Show the World Your True Charm  and a digital copy of the Cameron Diaz comedy Bad Teacher that is not actually available to be given as a gift. So it’s not like she’s being unreasonable. But after everything Courtney has given you, why would you be so stingy?


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