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Outcast - Awaken The Reason

I think we’re gonna have to fire Dummy Nosenothing, ’cause that fartknocker knows not of what he speaks.

France’s Outcast are, in fact, a curious beast. It’d be easy to pin them down as the latest in a neverending string of Meshuggah worshippers, and while these guys surely do love Meshuggah (as they should!) there’s a whole lot more happening on their new album Awaken the Reason than immediately meets the eye. There’s Lamb of Godian gallop, SiKthian tech-skronk, Gojiran elephants marching, Gorodian artfulness, Byzantinian melody, Morbid Angelian brutality, and most importantly Outcastian Outcastness. The more I listen to Awaken the Reason the more into it I get — there’s a LOT going on here, and it’s an incredibly engaging and captivating listen.

Stream “Elements” below, the opening track from Awaken the Reason (out April 4th via Listenable Records).

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