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The new Emmure song, “Protoman,” is awful, and there’s nothing distinctive about it — it could be any Emmure song, or any terrible song by any terrible Bizkit-core band for that matter. The PRP notes that the title may be a reference to the video game Mega Man, which shouldn’t surprise anyone (although we do not currently know if Frankie Palmeri feels that Mega Man is his spiritual kin, or just a fictional character in a fun diversion from the 80s). And while I can’t understand most of the lyrics, the ones I can understand are typically idiotic — “I’m gonna die, you’re gonna die.” Thanks for clearing that up, I thought that maybe one of us was an immortal vampire or something.

Actually, the thing I find most noteworthy about the song is the still image which accompanies it in the below, officially-sanctioned video. Frankie Palmeri is wearing what are undeniably hipster-nerd spectacles, and a button-down flannel shirt. It’s hard not to see this as further proof that our own Sergeant D. is a psychic for successfully predicting that in 2012, it is, indeed, cool to be tr00. This isn’t as startling of a change in fashion style as, say, the one undergone by The Devil Wears Prada, but it’s hard not to notice when a quick Google image search returns not a single photo in which Palmeri is wearing either glasses or any kind of shirt other than a t-shirt. Most curious.


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