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So this one time my mom saw me wearing a Dying Fetus shirt and I said “Ah don’t front like you don’t love this band ma” and she said “Well actually I prefer live feti.” My mom is a funny lady.

So happy mother’s day mom!!!! Hit Parader is streaming a new Dying Fetus song called “Second Skin.” It’s about the brutality of circumcision. I don’t even know if that joke makes sense because my parents let me keep my penis’ neck shield (thanks AGAIN mom!!!!!!!!)  but whatever I got to type the word “circumcision” and I didn’t even have to look up the correct spelling on Google.

Relapse won’t release Reign Supreme until June 19 WHICH SEEMS SO FAR AWAY AND HOLY FUCKING HELL I JUST WANNA HEAR IT NOW.


Dying Fetus go on tour with Six Feet Under and Revocation starting June 8; get dates here

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