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Ghostlimb - ConfluenceDeathspell Omega - Drought

Ghostlimb and Deathspell Omega couldn’t be farther away from each other on the metal style spectrum, but they’ve both got new tracks out, they both rule, and you need to pay attention to both bands.

I’m super-pumped for Ghostlimb’s new album Confluence. I absolutely lurrrrrrved 2008’s Bearing & Distance, and even though I didn’t fall in love with last year’s Infrastructure in the same way, I’m listening back to it now for the first time in a while and I’m wondering why not — it rips, too. Confluence comes out on July 10th via Vitriol Records (pre-order), but you can stream a new track called “Margins” right now at Altpress. If you ever wondered what Converge would sound like with slightly bluesier guitar riffs (ala Doomriders but not SO overtly bluesy), you owe it to yourself to check out Ghostlimb. The band features Graf Orlack guitarist/vocalist Justin Smith.

I haven’t really been anticipating Deathspell Omega’s new album simply because I don’t know very much about the band — their penchant for avoiding the press has unfortunately had the unintended consequence of keeping them mostly off my radar — but if their new song “Abrasive Swirling Murk” is any indication, their new EP Drought (June 22nd, via Season of Mist) is going to be a ripper of a technical death-grind record. Stream it over at The Deciblog and pre-order the album here.


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