0, a site that compiles lists (duh) and let’s the audience choose the ranking by vote, has put together a list of “The Worst Bands of All Time” as crowd-sourced by the public. What an incredible idea for a website; any time we run a list on MetalSucks we get a traffic surge, and that’s all these guys do! Plus they’re probably raking it in on those Amazon affiliate links. Brilliant.

For the most part the list of “Worst” bands — which actually seems more like “Most Hated” bands — is pretty solid; like with any list, the order is pretty arbitrary, but I don’t find myself thinking any of the bands included don’t deserve to be on here. Bands that’ll be of interest to metalheads who make an appearance: Creed, ICP, Limp Bizkit, Good Charlotte, Crazy Town, BrokeNCYDE, Winger (ok, I disagree with that one… Winger had some siqq moments!!), Papa Roach and Hoobastank all place in the Top 50, with tons more, including “New Metallica,” appearing in the rest of the 258 total entries.

I call on MetalSucks readers to get “New Metallica” pushed into the Top 50 from its current rank at #68 — come on guys, you can do it! Check out the list here and begin voting.


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