Rampant Rumors



We’ve known for awhile now that The Human Abstract are not broken-up, and will be touring Europe this summer. What we haven’t known is who would be handling vocal duties — although we assumed it was gonna be Corelia’s Ryan Devlin, who filled-in following the departure of Travis Richter last year. But new evidence suggests that Richter may, in fact, now be returning to the fold.

See, earlier today, The Human Abstract tweeted the following message…

…at which point reader Brandon Woodworth — who is such a big fan of THA’s that he has a variation on their name in both his e-mail address and Twitter handle — contacted us to point out that a) Richter’s name has been added back into the line-up listed on their official Facebook page, and b) Richter been re-tweeting many THA tweets, as well as exchanging a great deal of tweets with THA guitarist A.J. Minette, including several mentions of working with Minette in some kind of musical capacity.

So is Richter coming back to the band? And, if so, is he rejoining on a permanent basis, or just for the upcoming European tour? You’ll have answers as soon as we do… but I wouldn’t be afraid to get my hopes up. I’m actually optimistic about this one for a change.


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