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Update, 2:11 pm: A representative for the band assures that Crowbar is not breaking up, and the band’s current line-up remains intact. So what’s up with the below message??? No clue! Original post below…

Kirk Windstein has posted the following message on his personal Facebook page:

As of this writing, no similar message has been posted on Crowbar’s Facebook page — but I see no reason to doubt that this is legit, and that Windstein is replacing the current line-up of Crowbar (I doubt he’s breaking up the band altogether — he says “Crowbar as you know it,” not “All of Crowbar” or whatever, and as he notes, he is Crowbar, so it’s not like the band could replace him). I’m currently awaiting official confirmation from a representative for the band.

The real question is — WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!? “Tommy” is obviously a reference to current Crowbar drummer Tommy Buckley (also of Soilent Green fame), and the “flight,” presumably, is, well, a flight — the band ended the first leg of their current European tour yesterday, and are scheduled to begin the second leg at the Motala Hardcore Fest in Sweden on August 4. But what could Buckley have done to so upset Windstein?

Also: what does this mean for Windstein’s relationship with Pat Bruders, who is currently in both Crowbar AND Windstein’s other band, Down? Will Bruders now be kicked out of Down? Will Windstein leave Down?

More news as we get it.


Major thanks to D’Arcy for the tip.



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