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The burgeoning metal cruise market got a little more crowded this year when Barge to Hell and the Mayhem Festival Cruise joined the already established 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise, which will be setting sail in its third year. Maybe the additions were a bit too much for the market to bear, as the official website for the Mayhem Festival Cruise has announced that their jaunt has been canceled.

The official line from Mayhem is typical vague, with the expected language about being “forced” to cancel the event due to “circumstances beyond our control.” So, as so we so often do, let us surmise as to why this thing got the axe.

Metal Insider posits that the cancelation is related to cruise headliner Lamb of God, either because the band will be touring during that time to make up for their own recent tour cancelation or because Randy Blythe wants to spend time with friends and family after the harrowing Czech prison ordeal. While this is not of the question and one or both things could well be true, I find it hard to imagine that the cruise organizers couldn’t find another headliner of Lamb of God’s size to take their place, whatwith four whole months to spare and a very solid lineup otherwise.

The more likely scenario is that ticket sales were simply not as strong as expected. The U.S. cruise market tripled in just one year, and perhaps the demand just isn’t there for so much heavy metal boat-age.

And here’s something else: in addition to full refunds, the festival organizers are offering anyone who purchased tickets to the cruise a LIFETIME pass to the regular version of the Rockstar Mayhem Tour. This was an original perk of purchasing tickets to the Cruise, but the fact that they’re still giving them to cruise ticket buyers despite the refunds would seem to suggest that not very many people bought cruise tickets in the first place.

Oh well. It was a cool idea while it lasted.


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