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Being a music critic means that bands send me shit before you would even know to search for it on BitTorrent. Sometimes this can be exasperating (e.g. the seven symphonic power metal albums I received this week alone). Most of the times it is awesome. And every now and then it’s mega-awesome. That was the case when Seventh Rule Recordings founder Scott Flaster passed on a press-only streaming link to “Pervert,” a new track by his band Millions. It’s from their forthcoming Failure Tactics album, out on September 25th via Seventh Rule.

I dug Millions’ 2009 debut Gather Scatter enough to come up with a stupid joke for the title of my MetalSucks review. Granted, my love of it was inextricable from the nostalgia for the music it echoed – Jesus Lizard, Rapeman, Today Is the Day, a lot of the noise rock coming out of Touch & Go and Amphetamine Reptile in the ‘90s. So while I’d be grateful for more of the same, I’m glad that “Pervert” smears the discordance of Gather Scatter into something deeper, more brooding, more personal. If the remainder of Failure Tactics follows the same tack, it means that I can start loving Millions for who they are, not for who they evoke.

This time around, Millions’ geographically disparate lineup (the band’s split between Chicago and Portland, OR) had some help from producer Andrew Ragin of The Atlas Moth and masterer Kyle Spence of Harvey Milk. If the pedigree means anything, this album will sound boss.

And now, I bring you the Failure Tactics track listing:

  1. Shadow Copy
  2. Shipwreck
  3. Pervert
  4. Siberian Angel
  5. Slang for Upstanding Men
  6. Tunnel Rat
  7. Numbing the Dream
  8. Suicide Artist
  9. U.F.F.O
  10. Darmok V

This is where you go to find out what I’m talking about: Millions on Facebook, Millions’ official web page.



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