Metal Metsieh



“Attorneys charge a lot of money” jokes are popular enough that you should be aware that, well, attorneys charge a lot of money. And even if Lamb of God are one of the biggest bands in metal today, they’re not rock stars. If James Hetfield needs a lawyer, all he has to is fart in the vicinity of a recording studio and his fees are paid. No such luck for Randy Blythe.

Which is why Lamb of God have now launched an eBay memorabilia auction page to help for Blythe’s defense fund. There are a lot of really cool items here, and they appear to be affordably priced. (I mean it’s an auction so they could end up going for who-knows-h0w-much, but asking a hundred bucks for a guitar Mark Morton played seems like a deal to me.) So this is that oh-so-rare occasion when something is both a mitzvah and a metsieh. L’chaim!

In addition to items from the members of Lamb of God, a lot of other famous musicians, including Slash and members of Machine Head, Megadeth, and Five Finger Death Punch have also donated items for auction. The image at the top of this article is a piece by Gwar’s own Oderus Urungus, and was commissioned by LoG’s John Campbell himself. My point being that there’s all kinds of cool stuff available here, and you should check it out.

Go here to bid. Meanwhile, if you either can’t afford any of this stuff or want to help but don’t want to purchase anything, you can continue to go here to make a donation to the fund.



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