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Speaking of Horrible Disasters


A new Limp Bizkit song called “Lightz” with a “z” because fuck dignity and education has found its way online. Fred Durst claims that it “it is NOT our first single/video [from our new album]. It was leaked prematurely.” But Fred Durst also claims he knows how to rap and direct movies and talk and dress, and those are all lies, and since the single hasn’t been yanked by any of the Limp Lawyers, I’m guessing this is a lie, too. I mean, I wish someone HAD taken it down. I am definitely stupider just having heard the lyric “We don’t beat, we drum.” I’LL DRUM YOU, DURST!

ANYWAY, our pals at Metal Insider observe that the song sounds kinda like Linkin Park, which is true, and yet, still totally unfair to Linkin Park: whatever you else you wanna say about that terrible band, at least Chester Bennington’s voice is actually pretty strong, and he’s never need a fuckton of autotune to sing.

On the other hand, this is the only time I’ve ever heard Wes Borland play a guitar solo that isn’t an affront to the creation of the instrument, so three cheers for progress.

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