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Stream the New Neurosis Album Honor Found in Decay Right Now!


Neurosis - Honor Found in Decay

Opinions amongst MS Mansion residents are split when it comes to Neurosis. Axl and I have always shrugged a quizzical “meh” in their general direction, while Sammy O’Hagar loves them so much he felt inspired to choose their 1999 album Times of Grace as the Album of the Day AND give their new record Honor Found in Decay a lofty 5/5 horns rating in the same week. But we’re still friends anyway! Imagine that, a healthy example of MS Mansion bipartisanship in the face of potential disaster!

Now’s your chance to weigh in: you can stream Honor Found in Decay in full via the below widget. What I’ve listened to so far isn’t changing my mind at all, but maybe you’re a Neurosis lover just like Sammy, or maybe you’re like me but this’ll be the album that finally makes you switch teams (I will say this: I’m really digging the tune “My Heart For Deliverance”). Either way, it’ll surely spark a hearty debate in our comments section. Go!

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