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Man With No Hands Posts Animals as Leaders Drum Cover


Whatever stinkin’ “First World Problem” you’re complaining about today, you need to just shut the fuck up. Thousands have lost their homes and all their worldly possessions due to Hurricane Sandy (including one of our own), millions of children don’t have enough food to eat every night, depraved sickos are beating, raping and forcing women into prostitution the world over, and so on and so forth. Who gives a fuck that your stupid iPhone’s new Maps app doesn’t work properly sometimes or that Vince Neilstein doesn’t like the same metal bands as you? Seriously, just shut it.

Because it could always be worse, way worse. This guy doesn’t have hands — imagine how difficult simple tasks like unzipping his pants to take a piss are? — yet he still manages to learn to play the drums better than 99.9% of all drummers. Fucking incredible. That’s perseverance. Well done, sir… I tip my cap to you. Keep playing, don’t give up.

[via Metal Injection]

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