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Limp Bizkit are Either Stupid or Delusional

Photo Credit: Mark Latham

Yesterday, Limp Bizkit gave the below update on their new album via their Facebook page:

Okay, so two questions, fellas:

  1. If this is a “nu metal rock album,” what the fuck was Gold Cobra? ‘Cause that sure did sound like a nu-metal album to me. It’s not as though any of the material on that album was noticeably different from all the material on your other albums. So please, do tell, what make this a nu-metal album???
  2. I’m sorry, did you just say that nu-metal is neither commercial nor radio friendly? Did you pour laundry detergent in your cereal this morning? Limp Bizkit ain’t exactly Converge, guys. You didn’t rise up from the underground through years of hard work and perseverance (to say nothing of talent and artistic evolution). You were an MTV band, which is to say, you were a radio band x 100,000,000. You were TOTALLY commercial, and you know that because you sold a LOT of records. You’re not commercial ANYMORE, because rather than attempt to make any kind of genuine creative statement, you just followed hackneyed trends until they weren’t trendy anymore. Limp Bizkit, in other words, was a good get-rich-quick scheme, and not much else. So you don’t really get to try and claim any street cred now.

Also, it’s easy to say that your new album is “not for commercial use” when your last two albums were purchased by roughly the same amount of people who have deliberately injected themselves with ebola. That’s like saying, “The sun is gonna come up tomorrow, ’cause we want it to.” Not it’s not. It’s gonna come up one way or the other. Your album will also tank one way or the other.

ANYWAY, I hope all the “nu metal rock fans” really enjoy Limp Bizkit’s latest offering. Nu metal disco fans, nu metal country fans, and nu metal opera fans, however, can all go fuck themselves.

[via The PRP]

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