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Buy This Awesome Shirt, Help The Acacia Strain


Gotta hand it to The Acacia Strain: through thick and thin, they never seem to lose their sense of humor.

Following a devastating van accident earlier this week, the band was forced to drop off of their co-headlining tour with Veil of Maya. Salting the wound is the fact that the tour had only just begun several days prior to the accident. That would phase most bands — and you wouldn’t be able to blame ’em — but TAS are handling it like champs: they’ve utilized the already-infamous photograph of the wreckage, as well as everyone’s favorite animated metal morons, Beavis and Butt-head, to make a special limited edition shirt, the proceeds from which will help cover the costs of losing their van and trailer. Check out a photo below:

Pretty goddamn great, right?

The shirt is only fourteen bucks, and can be ordered here. If you’re a humorless ninny who doesn’t like this particular tee, though, I encourage you to check out the rest of the band’s online merch store, because they have an all-around real talent for making cool shit. I’m personally partial to the pledge made on this shirt, as well as this scarf. Really, more bands need to start making scarves. It’s just classy, y’know?

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