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Here’s the Album Art for Soilwork’s The Living Infinite


Soilwork tend to keep it classy with their album art (and by “classy,” I mean “simple” and “without a cow shitting out a human or someone giving head to a corpse or whatever”), and the cover for their forthcoming double albumThe Living Infinite, is no different. It was designed by Mnemic’s Mircea Eftemie Gabriel, who also did the cover for Stabbing the Drama, and in a statement, the band says that with its waves and tridents and what have you, it “perfectly suits the elegant oceanic concept of The Living Infinite.” “Speed” Strid previously said that Infinite “[deals] with a lot of existential questions… so now we know that the record will take existenialism and oceanography.” Okay fellas ya got me, I’m intrigued.

The Living Infinite comes out March 5 via Nuclear Blast. A week later, the band begins a North American tour with Jeff Loomis, Blackguard, The Browning, and Wretched. Get dates here.

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