What Celebrity Does Murderface from Dethklok Most Resemble?


Yesterday, a reader named DC sent us a photo of the cover of Universal Love, the 1980 album by Billy Preston (of The Beatles/”Get Back” fame), noting a resemblance to Dethklok bassist William Murderface, and that they even share a first name.

What’s interesting — or at least semi-interesting — is that Preston is only one of several celebrities whom fans claim Murderface resembles. Other popular choices include Randall “Tex” Cobb, the boxer-turned-actor…

…Richard Kiel, the gianormous actor who played “Jaws” in two James Bond movies and “Mr. Larson” in Happy Gilmore…

…and Blake Anderson from the show Workaholics:

I think it’s time the readers of MetalSucks answer one of history’s great questions once and for all: which celebrity does Murderface most resemble? Cast your vote below!

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