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Listen to the New Ghost Song, Right Now!



Ghost are releasing a new song right this very moment, one piece at a time.

They’re doing it through the website (we’re guessing “Secular Haze” is the title of either the first single or the album), which also redirects from Every few hours today a new candle will appear on the site, and with each candle comes one more instrumental track of a brand new Ghost song; hover your mouse over each candle to isolate that instrument. At present there are two candles; guitars and keyboards.

Presumably we’ll have the entire new song by tomorrow at 10pm EST, when the band promises they’ll be giving out “a special gift.”

The roman numeral LXXIV also accompanies the tune. 74 days until the album is released? That would place the release on February 26th, 2013, which would make a lot of sense since it happens to be a Tuesday. If the number decreases to LXXIII tomorrow we’ll have our answer.

UPDATE, 2:pm EST: The roman numeral has been dropping and currently stands at LXX (70). Perhaps something’s happening 70 hours from now? That would be noon EST on Monday.

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