Def Leppard’s Steve Clark Died Twenty-Two Years Ago Today


Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark died twenty-two years ago today, at the age of thirty-one. This is noteworthy to Def Leppard fans not just because the loss of a talented musician is always tragic, but because let’s be real: when Clark died, Def Leppard died with him. Sure, the album they made immediately following his death, Adrenalize, was really good, but they were already working on that record when Clark passed away. They never released anything of note again. In fact, I’d argue that every album they’ve made since, with the exception of 1999’s Euphoria, has outright sucked.

In other words, Steve Clark was Def Leppard as Cliff Burton was to Metallica. I’m sure a lot of cranky Metallica fans will be furious to hear me make the comparison, but it’s apt.

So let’s have a moment of non-silence for the late, great Steve Clark, with the gloriously cheesy video for “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak,” which, guitar-wise, is probably my favorite Def Lep song of all time. We miss ya, Steve.

[via Bring Back Glam!]

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