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The Best Death Metal Song of 2013 2010 So Far: Soreption’s “By Venom Entitled”


Soreption - Engineering the Void

UPDATE: As several readers have pointed out, the below track is from Soreption’s previous album. The video, however, is new.

Original Post:

Too many technical death metal bands these days get caught up in being as technical as possible. Soreption are not that band. Soreption’s primary concern is making the most brutal death metal imaginable and doing so as precisely as possible so it’s all the better to bludgeon you with.

Soreption are one of the few new(ish) technical death metal bands you need to care about. Care deeply, because these Swedes showed they belonged in the modern death metal scene with 2010’s Deterioration of Minds, a crushing sledgehammer of brutality and precision that caught my ear the very first time I heard it.

Here’s “By Venom Entitled,” the first track to be released from their forthcoming new album:

YES, right? So much yes.

Engineering the Void will come out in April via Ninetone Records.

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