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Listen to Grayceon’s Haunting New 10-Minute Cello-Fueled Masterpiece


Grayceon - Pearl and the End of Days

Before you go any further, go on and click the above image so you can appreciate it in all of its full-size glory. Do it.

After looking at that up close, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Pearl and the End of Days — Grayceon’s new 2-track / 30 minute album — is about cellist/vocalist Jackie Perez-Gratz’s “fear and excitement” over the pending and eventual birth of her daughter Pearl. That’s a pretty, powerful and pretty powerful image.

Alarm Magazine is streaming “Pearl,” the first of the album’s two tracks (meaning the second track is 20 minutes; whoa!). The song is well-composed into multiple, unique sections, and at no point did I ever think “this has really gone on too long;” like all long songs should, “Pearl” takes you on a journey through ups, downs, and everything in between. Perez-Gratz’ cello accentuates Max Doyle’s meaty guitar riffs and Zack Farwell’s proggy rhythms in an incredibly interesting way. Grayceon have always been a dynamic and fascinating band, and this song is no different. Listen here.

Pearl and The End Of Days is up for vinyl pre-order now at, where estimates predict it “should ship” in the middle of February.

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