Photo Caption Contest: Win a MetalSucks T-Shirt!


Last week’s photo was funny enough on its own without any of your snarky captions, but alas, you guys did a pretty good job too. Here are the two winners of Incantation’s new album Vanquish in Vengeance:

  • SchenkelTown: “It’s not worth it. Tell my parole officer I’ll go back to jail.
  • meshuggah_train: “Oy Veil.”

This week’s we’re giving away an official MetalSucks t-shirt to two lucky winners, so you can proudly display to the world how much of an IMN you are. You know the deal: just leave a comment with the funniest caption to the photo below! Apologies if I’ve already used this photo for a past contest… I honestly cannot remember.


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