Dr. Acula’s Keyboard-Flipper is now Flipping Keyboards in a New Band!


Hey, remember this guy from that Dr. Acula video Axl wrote about that one time?

Keyboard-flip specialist Joey Simpson eventually quit the band, soon after which Dr. Acula broke up. But today there’s good news for those of us who thought the world was devoid of a true talent when Simpson left Dr. Acula: he’s joined a new band! And they’ve released a new video. And to quell any doubts that yes, new band Kissing Candice (?!?!?) does indeed feature THE world-famous keyboard-flipping savant, Simpson flips his keyboard not once but three times within the first five seconds of the music starting.

Simpson is also the frontman for this band, an unfortunate fact given that he spends the rest of the video screaming, dripping in fake blood and looking not-scary when he could be flipping his keyboard at appropriately timed musical climaxes. Just saying. So really it’s all downhill after the first few seconds. The above is really all you need to see, but here’s the full video if you’re into that kind of thing:

For those wondering, the green-tape lettering on the back of his keyboard says #NBHNC, an Is Anyone Up? reference that stands for “No Butt Hole No Care.” We had to Google that to find out (no, really, we did).

Thanks: Scott R.

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