Show Us Your MetalSucks: Hangin’ With The Boys


MetalSucks reader Edward W. sent in the above photo of himself wearing his brand spankin’ new MetalSucks hoodie (only $25!) and encouraged us to “keep up the good work, guys!” Aw shucks, thanks Edward! It’s nice to get some positive reinforcement once in a while… seriously. I mean, I’m sure you’ve read the comments sections here and all the constant vitriol spewed therein.

Edward becomes the latest entrant in our ongoing Show Us Your MetalSucks contest and will therefore be receiving a free box o’ metal swag in the mail very soon. You can do so too by purchasing one of our t-shirts or hoodies at the official MetalSucks merch store and sending in pictures of yourself wearing the goods; everyone who sends in pics will be rewarded with their very own box of metal in the mail.


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