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JamUp with Yer NAMMup: Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow Bro-down at NAMM


Stepping into the annual NAMM Show in Anaheim is like stepping into 50 Guitar Centers, being simultaneously assaulted by wankers of every order from all sides for 8 hours straight. It’s brutal, and not in the metal way. But for metalheads there are always special treats, not the least of which is Michael Angelo Batio’s annual double-neck shredfest; gear companies with a foothold in the metal market regularly host myriad performances by well-known artists. One of this year’s highlights occurred at the Seymour Duncan booth, where Jeff Loomis joined the legendary pickup company’s in-house clinician for a special jam of the song they co-wrote together, “JamUp Bro.”

Jordan U. of The Music Zoo guitar store in Long Island shot the special performance and sent in the below video. Ola Englund — Six Feet Under’s newest guitarist — is also on stage, but I’m not sure who the bass player is. Loomis and Merrow have quite a bit of history together and are currently writing a full album together, presumably for release at some point in 2013.

So: Jam Up, Bros. Watch the live Seymour Duncan booth performance below and peep the studio version of the song here.

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