Photo Caption Contest: Win a Copy of the New Hatebreed Album Divinity of Purpose


Photo Caption Contest took a one-week hiatus as I jetted over to the warm, sunny environs flourscent-lit convention center of the NAMM Show in Anaheim last week. But just like every band that breaks up these days, I’m back! I missed you guys and your sardonic comments too much. Here’s the winner of the grab-bag of CDs we offered up two weeks ago:

  • HybridOfSteel: “I may be Type 2 Diabetic, but I’m Type 1 Diabolic.”

This week we’re giving away one CD copy of the brand new Hatebreed album Divinity of Purpose, out now and available for purchase here. You know the deal: just leave a comment with the funniest caption to the photo below, sent in by reader TJ Maynard!


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