Get Trippy with Intronaut’s “Milk Leg” Video


Intronaut have released a video for their new single “Milk Leg,” and it’s as trippy and weird as the song itself. It’s also a perfect example of something we often talk about here at MetalSucks: a simple but engaging music video that didn’t break the bank to create. The psychedelic visuals perfectly complement the music, like an iTunes visualizer specifically designed for this band, and the close-ups of the musicians’ hands are welcomed, because duh, it’s Intronaut. That said, it does get a bit repetitive after a while; the video could’ve used another stage location, or a loose storyline or something. So if you find yourself getting bored after a while, just click off into another browser tab and continue to enjoy the silky sweet, elixir-like Intronaut jam.

Intronaut hit the road with Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders very, very soon! Get dates here. Habitual Levitations comes out on March 19th.

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