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Listen to The Zenith Passage


It only took four reader e-mails (from different readers — don’t think that being a dick will get you anywhere!) for me to finally get off my ass and check out The Zenith Passage. SUCH A GOOD DECISION. The band apparently counts The Faceless’ Wes Haunch amongst its fans, and its easy to see why — it is not hard to imagine a world in which The Faceless and The Zenith Passage are on the same bill. The band describes their music as “space influenced death metal from California,” which is fair; “sci-fi-themed technical-prog-deathcore” would be just as accurate. Actually, you could just call it “AWESOME,” and that would be just as accurate, too.

Really, this is just the way tech-death should be, where good songwriting is just as important as the doodily-doo. These tunes will kick you in the balls and tickle your anus with a feather. They’re fucking fantastic.

Here’s the band’s video for the title track from their new EP, Cosmic Dissonance, which cleverly and humorously reappropriates footages from Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space

…and you can stream the entire EP below. You can also purchase it here.

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